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Galaxy Note 5 Gets The Marshmallow Treatment


Update: The battery drain and VR connectivity issues have been observed on the models of Note 5 that have been rooted. Phones that have not been modified in any way before the update are functioning as desired and no problems whatsoever have been found in them.

Note 5 was the Samsung’s flagship that released months after the Galaxy S6 and the S6 edge. But these handsets received the marshmallow update before the Note 5. but close on the heels of the Galaxy S6, the Note 5 gets the marshmallow treatment via and Over the Air (OTA) update.

The version number for this marshmallow update is at android 6.0.1. the next in line for the upgrade is the Galaxy S6 edge+ and certain other Galaxy devices such as the Galaxy A9(2015) and the Tab S2.

This update was first observed on a Note 5 that was sold in Cambodia and had the model number SM-N920C attributed to it. If you own a Note 5 and still haven’t received the update, we suggest you check for the update manually. In certain cases, Samsung hasn’t released the update for all the regions and will be available very soon.galaxy-note-5-marshmallow-odin-flash-696x392

The marshmallow update brings several changes such as cosmetic modifications to the notification panel and well as several aspects of the phone. Google goodies such as the Now On Tap, better app permissions and doze mode are also cooked into this update.

Samsung is also believed to have cut down on the bloatware that will increase the phone’s efficiency and performance. All the enhancements aren’t visible but some of them are in the background. they do increase the battery life and other aspects making it an update worth installing.

Some users are reporting that the update has been causing battery drain issues as well as VR connectivity issues. Samsung hasn’t released an official statement about the issue but it does seem that Samsung is working on resolving the problem in its update for other regions.

We will be updating the story as it develops.