Apple vs Samsung

Samsung and Apple made their final pitches to U.S. jury in the much debated patent trial case.

“Apple has vastly exaggerated the importance of its patented iPhone features, a Samsung attorney said on Tuesday as the two companies delivered closing arguments to jurors after a month-long trial over mobile technology,” Dan Levine reports for Reuters. “Apple, however, argued that the South Korean company could not have competed in the smartphone market without unfairly copying its flagship product. The two tech leaders also sparred over how Google’s work on the software used in Samsung phones affects Apple’s patent claims.”

“Samsung attorney, John Quinn, suggested that Apple devised its $2 billion request to artificially inflate the value of the technology in the case and confuse the jury. ‘They’ll be dancing in the streets in Cupertino if you give them 100 million,’ Quinn said,” Levine reports. “But Apple attorney Harold McElhinny said Samsung’s copying of Apple technology has greatly harmed the iPhone maker and turned the smartphone market into a two horse race. ‘Unlike in fairly tales, we know that Samsung’s illegal strategy has been wildly successful,’ McElhinny said.”

“Additionally, Apple attorney William Lee said Samsung’s low damages request on its own patents was meant to cheapen intellectual property in general. Samsung paid its expert witnesses about $5 million in fees in order to seek $6 million in damages, Lee said. ‘Does that make sense?’ Lee said. ‘Only in one circumstance: if you’re trying to devalue patents, all patents,’” Levine reports. “The jury began deliberating on Tuesday and a verdict could be reached at any time. If either company proves patent infringement, they could then ask Koh to order a sales ban.”

Jurors are to begin deliberations after attorneys complete closing statements in the trial that began at the start of April.

Google engineers were among witnesses called to testify as Samsung lawyers portrayed the case as an attack on Android, which has become a formidable rival for the software powering Apple smartphones and tablets.

Samsung is the world’s leading maker of smartphones and tablets built using Google’s free Android mobile operating system.

Android smartphones dominate the global market, particularly in devices offered for lower prices than iPhones.

In August 2012, a separate jury in the same court decided that Samsung should pay Apple $1.049 billion in damages for illegally copying iPhone and iPad features, in one of the biggest patent cases in decades.

The damage award was later trimmed to $929 million and is being appealed.