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Galaxy S7 or The Galaxy S7 Edge: Which One to Buy?

maxresdefaultSamsung unveiled its superphones for the first half of 2016. These phones have been designed to showcase the technical superiority of the Korean giant and reaffirm its position as the market leader in the smartphone world. but unlike in the past where Samsung had only introduced a single flagship, the current scenario is a bit complex. You would have to bite the bullet before zeroing on one of these phones. So Galaxy S7 or the S7 edge?

Let’s take a personal approach. Some guys have mailed me and asked my opinion about the phone and which one would I ultimately buy? The choice has always been clear for me. I would go for the Galaxy S7 edge at any given day and here’s why.

The Galaxy S7 has almost every notable technology built into it but so does the Galaxy S7 edge. Actually, after examining the specs and observing the previews, I have reached a conclusion that the Galaxy S7 is a subset of the Galaxy S7 edge.galaxy-s7-unboxing

The Galaxy S6 edge was a nightmare to use with one hand. the design was very uncomfortable to hold with the thin metal edge probing into the flesh of the skin. But Samsung has listened to its consumers. The result was that the galaxy S7 edge sides have a smooth curved glass that make the phone feel very comfortable and natural in the hand.

Other features include a bigger battery. Although the bigger screen is more power hungry that the smaller sibling, it’s personally nice to have a phone that is on the bigger side. The Galaxy S7 edge does really stand out among the crown of dull, rectangular smartphone with its curved edges on the screen and is actually exciting to use the edge panels with enhanced productivity. The edge variant also has additional colours that aren’t available in the Galaxy S7.

As far as virtual reality is considered, the Galaxy S7 is more suitable but since I am not a VR enthusiast as of now, that is not something I would consider while buying a smartphone.

So, the Galaxy S7 edge it is. Share your thoughts on the smartphone that you would choose.