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Wireless Charging Added to The S6 Rumor List


Every year, the world around us is getting better and better. Everything around us it getting smarter with every passing day. Now we have devices ranging from phones to televisions all going smart. Well, smartness doesn’t come from the software that is built into these devices but also the hardware.

Many new functions are being built into the smartphones. These functions have made our lives much more easier. We can’t even think how amazing functions like Wi-Fi, finger print scanning, and blood pressure monitoring were installed onto our phones with time.


Well, with the passage of time, the only thing holding us back from using our smartphones continuously was the need of charging the phone with chargers that have short cables. These chargers have been a headache for everyone for a long time because their need always interrupt us while we are busy.

Well in the past two or three years, the concept of wireless charging has become quite famous. Many leading smartphones have opted for wireless charging. Approximately all the leading flagships have wireless charging except those from Samsung. Well finally, Samsung is introducing wireless charging in the Galaxy S6 which is about to come out next month.


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