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Samsung Is Fitting Sony’s Xperia Z5 Camera Sensor in the Galaxy S7

640x451xsony-xperia-z5-kamera-ozellikleri-jpg-pagespeed-ic-fa-r-640x360Samsung is so impressed with the camera that Sony has fitted the xperia z5 with that it has decided to implement the same camera in the upcoming superphone, the galaxy S7. It is by no means that the camera in the galaxy s6 is bad, in fact the world’s best camera award went to the Z5 and the second best was given to the galaxy S6. For comparisons, the iPhone 6s stands at the 10th position.

The megapixel count for the Sony’s sensor IMX300 stands at 25 megapixel and Sony has scaled it down to 23 megapixels to fit the 16:9 ratios of its phones. Now Samsung has its own ISOCELL camera that is tipped to be upgraded from the current 16 MP in galaxy s6 to 20 MP. Samsung could be scaling the Sony IMX300 down to 20 MP. It wouldn’t want one variant of the phone to have superior camera than the other.

Xperia-Z5-Premium-UT-AH-9-1600x1067 xperia-sensor

Samsung has about 3 variants of the galaxy S7 and each variant will have different specs. For example, Samsung might implement the Sony sensor in the U.S. variant along with the snapdragon 820 chipset. The international variant could have the exynos 8890 along with Samsung own 20 MP ISOCELL camera unit. The upcoming markets such as the Indian and African market will have slightly low powered handsets that will be powered by 7422. these market still rely on the 3g networks and fitting the phones with 4g modem would be such a waste.

Even though Sony might initially refuse, the company is struggling to find profits as its smartphone business and tv division are failing rapidly. The camera sensor unit along with the PlayStation division offer some hope for the “fallen from grace” tech company. Given that Samsung sells the galaxy s-series phones in millions, Sony could well be supplying the camera modules that it saved for xperia line of smartphones. The IMX300 made a brilliant impression on the DxOMark test beating every smartphone camera out there. It makes sense for Samsung to be obsessed in getting this camera sensor on-board its flagship smartphone.

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