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Samsung GALAXY Tab S 8.4 Overheating, What is The Solution

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 have some serious overheating problem with heavy usage. Overheating of mobile devices is a known issue, but in case of Galaxy Tab S 8.4 the back cover is getting damaged because of this problem. It is not clear till now if all Galaxy Tab S suffers the same problem or only a few. Samsung is selling the Exynos 5420 processor powered Galaxy Tab S in Russia.

Reports from Hi-Tech.Mail.Ru suggests that one of their readers sent pictures of Galaxy Tab S 8.4 with damaged back cover. Though one can easily replace the back cover, but it will be good if Samsung can fix this during production.

The reader also mentioned that the problem started from day 1 when he installed Apps on the Galaxy Tab.

Samsung is aware of the problem and it has now responded with an official statement.

For Samsung’s customer satisfaction is our highest priority devices – so at the moment we are carefully considering this case. Although deformation Cover negligible and does not pose a problem for the operation of the tablet, the tablet holder with the defect can contact your nearest Samsung service center for its elimination.

So if you have an overheating problem with your Galaxy Tab S contact the Samsung service center and fix the issue.




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