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More rumors are hitting the Galaxy S9 specs and features

More rumors are hitting the Galaxy S9 specs and featuresIf you are not interested in phablet devices, such as the Galaxy Note 8, then you surely will want to turn your focus on the Galaxy S9. After a previous report last week, today we yet again meet rumors about the S9 in a new report. The report is giving us more leaked details about the phone’s specs and features.

The Galaxy S9 has also got its leaked phone model number, the SM-G960. The device should feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, according to xda developers. The Android 8.0 is also said to be a part of the Galaxy S9 and to come along with it at the launch date. 64GB of storage should be available as well. These suggests are probably unsurprising and well expected.

According to the report as well, it suggests that the Galaxy S9 will support 4GB of RAM. This is the first sign of a surprise from Samsung, as according to their recent moves, the device should come with at least 6GB of RAM. Maybe the company is not ready to make devices with 6GB of RAM on their standard versions, as the report claims so.

More of the rumors, the device is said to have fingerprint sensor placed in a centered rectangular cutout. This suggests that the Galaxy S9 will not have an in-display fingerprint sensor, which is opposite of what we heard last week.

Placing the fingerprint sensor on the back side of the device, got many Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus users disturbed. There is a bit of a struggle to get used to the fingerprint sensor, which is placed right next to the cameras. Also, the Galaxy S9 might have the similar design like the Galaxy S8, so if the fingerprint sensor comes also at the same position, many of the users won’t find it likely usable for their taste.

At this time, nothing is confirmed from Samsung, as it is still way too early for the m. The device is expected to be revealed at March or April next year, and until then, we can only take a look at the rumors that will come out for the upcoming device.