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Galaxy Note 8 rumored to feature dual speakers

Galaxy Note 8 rumored to feature dual speakersThe Korean Giant is set to release another huge device this year. The Galaxy Note 8 is their next device, and its release could be happening later this year. We hear rumors about it every day and every minute. Today, we have new rumors about the device that says that it will have dual speakers setup.

Below you can see the schematics about the Note 8, where the dual speaker setup can be noticed. They have provision for a bottom and top speaker on the device which in theory should provide better and enhanced experience.

Galaxy Note 8 rumored to feature dual speakers

On the schematics, we can also see that the device confirms what is rumored before. It comes in word the dual-rear camera setup on it, which is now confirmed. It is believed that the Note 8 could be the first device that will feature this kind of setup. But, the Galaxy C10 could be actually the first device bearing this title after all.

Also, what we can see is that there could be a round fingerprint sensor placed on the back of the device. The in-screen fingerprint sensor by Samsung could just still not be ready in time for the Note 8.

In the end, we have to mention that none of these schematics are confirmed by Samsung, so we should take this with a consideration.

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