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Galaxy Note 4 S Pen Simple Tips and Tricks

S Pen Lesson  Galaxy Note 4 Edition
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 S Pen Tips and Tricks are for all those who are new to Galaxy Note series of who wants to use their Galaxy Note 4 S Pen in a more effective way.

S Pen is the most important part of Galaxy Note series of smartphones, as this is the only thing that differentiate Galaxy Note series from the other Android smartphones. Though many know S Pen’s potential, learning all the S Pen tricks to use it efficiently takes time. Also, I know many who stopped using their S Pen after the first week.

The main reason behind this is lack of proper information about the usage of S Pen. Samsung S Pen evolved even more in latest Galaxy Note 4. With many new features added and also all existing functionalities are enhanced.

If you only draw doodles or use S Pen for other activities, this informative video will definitely help you to get better with S Pen. So next time when you have to paint something or read something on the web you will use S Pen.

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