96% of Galaxy Note 7 units returned to Samsung

We may say that it certainly helped when Samsung released their update that limits the Note 7’s batter usage. Today, we have a number with more of a 96% from the devices returned to the company. There were many who resisted to return their device even though the company insisted on that because it may cause more burning problems. And now, as the numbers show, it seems like most of the users have done what it needed to be done.

It came to that moment when Samsung doesn’t even have to make announcements about the device being fire hazard. The number of returned units is really huge and we still have to wait to see what will happen next with the remaining 4% of the units.

In near future, Samsung will be also releasing detailed report on what caused such terrible failure on the Galaxy Note 7. Besides that, it is still unclear whether the 96% of the devices returned is worldwide, or is it just in the US.

These informations are coming from the official Samsung announcement.