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Galaxy S6 Problems and Issues

It’s only been 2 months that the Samsung Galaxy S6 was introduced into the market but the device has already started to provide some...
GaGalaxy S6 Edge Tips and Tricks

50+ Top Galaxy S6 Edge Tips and Tricks

Galaxy S6 Edge is the most advanced phone right now in the market. With a ultra cool AMOLED screen with edges, this phone packed...
Galaxy S5 Black Screen

Galaxy S5 Black Screen Problem: How to Fix it?

Samsung Galaxy S5 is a great phone, but there are few really annoying problems with the phone. One of the big issues is, for...
Galaxy Note 4 Factory Reset

Galaxy Note 4: How to Factory Reset / Hard Reset

If you are going to sell your Galaxy Note 4 or just want to send the phone for repair to the customer service, it...
Galaxy S5 Battery Life

Galaxy S5 Battery Life Tips and Tricks

Samsung Galaxy S5 is one of the best smartphone right now at the market. Although Samsung is going to release the next flagship, Galaxy...
Top Galaxy S5 Problems

Galaxy S5 Major Problems and How to Fix Them

Last year, Samsung came up with an awesome waterproof smartphone for their flagship series, the Galaxy S5. The Galaxy S5 provides users with a...
Galaxy S4 Problems and Fix

Top 10 Galaxy S4 Problems and How to Fix Them

Samsung launched one of their best-selling smartphones in March, 2013, the Galaxy S4, which completely astonished the consumers with its elegant and classy design,...
how to unlock your tmobile and att samsung galaxy s4 for free

How to Unlock Galaxy S4 for Free

Samsung Galaxy S4 was released almost 2 years ago and is still one of the best smartphones in the market right now. To make...


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