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Samsung confirms Galaxy Note 8

Samsung confirms Galaxy Note 8

Samsung has confirmed that the Galaxy Note 8 is coming and it will also be more safer and better than its predecessors. The release of this device was in question because of...
Galaxy S8 will not be unveiled at MWC 2017

Galaxy S8 will not be unveiled at MWC 2017

Samsung has confirmed that the Galaxy S8 will not be unveiled at this year’s MWC. The MWC takes place in the next month and it is placed in Barcelona, Spain. The Samsung’s mobile...
96% of Galaxy Note 7 units returned to Samsung

Final report about the Galaxy Note 7

The smartphone that was total failure by Samsung and caused heavy loss for the company, has finally got its final results of the investigation. The device was pulled off entirely in the...

Samsung Galaxy S8 will have a heatpipe like the S7

Samsung first introduced a heatpipe design for smartphone with the Galaxy S7. Apparently, that design will find its way to the new Galaxy S8. According to sources, Samsung first wanted to implement...

The Samsung Galaxy J7 passed FCC certification

This year looks big for Samsung as they seem to go big with their design and specification of the Galaxy J handset. This reminds us with what they did with the Galaxy...

Verizon gets creative to get all remaining Note 7s

The largest mobile carrier in the United States, Verizon, reported that there are still thousands of Galaxy Note 7 users remaining. This is happening even though Samsung made it very difficult to...

Samsung Z2 gets firmware update BQA2

The Tizen powered Samsung smartphone, the Z2 got a new firmware today. The firmware is version BQA2 (Z200FDDU0BQA2) and the package weighs a mere 27.4MB. However, right now it is only...

New Galaxy S8 and S8 plus’s front panel images

In the past few weeks we have seen many images from the looks of the Galaxy S8 and S8 plus’s front panel. From the leaked image we can see that the models...


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