Tizen is one mysterious operating system that Samsung and intel developed by using the Linux kernels. This tizen os has been developed with an intention to end the dominance of google in the mobile os world and thereby decrease the dependence on android that is in control of google. Many manufacturers like Samsung, LG and Sony are top-class hardware manufacturer.

But The operating system is beyond their grip, thus decreasing their control over the device that they manufacture significantly. It is for this specific reason that tizen comes into play.

Samsung is one of the biggest manufacturer of hardware with its businesses operating in divisions such as televisions, smartwatches, phones and washing machines. All those are in Samsung control except the smartphone division. The android relation it has is bittersweet. It is a known fact that Samsung helped android in making it the most popular os in the world but of late, every manufacturer from counties like china and India have been using the android in their phone. This has caused an erosion of its sales.tizen-theme

Tizen is the dark horse that Samsung has, to end its dependence on android but this os lacks the apps and the dedicated developer community that support the tizen. Yet Samsung is making slow progress and the tizen has trumped the blackberry 10 os to become the 4th most popular mobile os. With the success of phones such as the z1 and z3 in India, Samsung has started using tizen in smartwatches and its smart tv line up bringing some popularity for the tizen os.

but it still has a long way to go before it can challenge the position of google or apple in the smartphone world.