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The Note 6 Could Come with a 256 GB Memory Option

ph2zrumkduv7nk5uyyirSamsung has always positioned the S-series phone as a mass market device and the Note series phones for reaching the pinnacle of hardware specs. The news came out yesterday that Samsung is building 256 GB memory chips to be used in a smartphone.

Previously, we have seen that Samsung has introduced the 6 GB RAM modules that were aimed for mobile devices. All this information has sort of heightened my imagination and it wouldn’t be wrong to imagine a note 6 smartphone that has a computer level CPU, 6 GB of ram and 256 GB of storage capacity.

What more, Samsung has started the mass production of these chips. Since Samsung also supplies memory chips for the iPhone, it would not be crazy to think that the iPhone 7 would indeed have 256 GB of memory capacity option.

Samsung says that this 256 GB chip is based on universal flash storage 2.0 standard and will easily outperform the solid state drive for the traditional computers and laptops.  The transfer speeds are at 850mb/s read and 260mb/s write which is triple the amount achieved on a high-end microSD card.

“Samsung’s ufs memory uses its v-NAND flash memory chips and a specially designed high-performance controller to meet the requirements of high-end smartphones, particularly functions such as ultra HD video playback and multitasking on large-screen mobile devices. It can handle up to 45,000 and 40,000 input/output operations per second (iops) for random reading and writing respectively, the company said, and it is more than two times faster than the 19,000 and 14,000 iops of its previous generation of ufs memory.” Said the eetimes

With the size of apps increasing and 4k video recording becoming a norm in today’s high-end smartphone (a minute of 4k recording takes up 350 MB of storage space), having a higher memory capacity phone would be most useful. But the initial pricing of these chips will be on the higher side.

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