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The Galaxy A9 Pro Could Have Galaxy S6 Like Specs

gsmarena_003Samsung is reportedly adding a new member to the galaxy A-series of its smartphones. The galaxy A9 pro is turning out to be an interesting for Samsung who is on the verge of introducing the galaxy S7 in a week. This rumoured device recently entered the shores of Indian sub-continent for testing purposes.

What was curious is the amount of ram and camera specs that Samsung has squeezed into the device. there is 4 GB of ram and 16 MP camera that is similar to the galaxy s6’s excellent camera. The front facing camera is a 7 MP one.

The existing galaxy A9 (2016) is a pretty powerful phone and the pro model adds even more. The model number associated with the galaxy A9 pro is A9100. The below spec list was leaked by GFXBench. The device would be running android 6.0.1.


Samsung will introduce the galaxy A7 with android marshmallow and no other galaxy phone will get the update before that. This leads to a conclusion that the galaxy A9 pro will see the light of the day only after the galaxy S7 is introduced.

This device will have a full HD, 5.5-inch screen. For comparisons, the regular galaxy A9 has a 6 inch full HD display. The processor running the phone will most likely be the snapdragon 625.

We will be updating you with the latest information as soon as news pops up.