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T-Mobile could release Galaxy S8 Active variant

T-Mobile could release Galaxy S8 Active variantRecently, T-Mobile have been rumored that they might launch an Active variant of the Galaxy S8. This variation is currently available via AT&T, and it is also available in several markets. The device also costs around $849.99, so having this as a consideration, we can guess that the T-Mobile’s version could cost the same, or near this price.

For the launch date, we cannot say much though. It is mostly believed that the US could be the first ones to get this version of the device by T-Mobile. It could also hit other worldwide markets. Some experts suggest that the device might be released sometime between now and the end of this year, but we cannot know for sure. Having the phone released, could be a great move for T-Mobile if we take a look from every angle of theirs.

The T-Mobile’s version of this device has its own model number version leaked, the SM-G892T. The model number is similar to the one that Verizon has, with only difference that the Verizon’s version ends with the letter ‘A’. At this moment, it is very unclear if this version of the device is actually a real deal. There has been no confirmation from neither T-Mobile or Samsung.

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