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Samsung’s New Monitors Are Great for Gaming but……..

Samsung showed off 3 monitors that are curved which makes them them ideal for gaming and media consumption. The 27-inch version comes with a bezel free design and looked pretty cutting edge. Samsung has included the AMD’S free to all technology called as free sync. What this does is reduces gaming lag significantly and the frame rate is enhanced. Gamer know the value of lag time while playing. A split second of error can make or break a game.

“The Samsung CF591 is the world’s first frameless curved monitor. Designed for an even more immersive and realistic experience, the CF591 display draws the eye in with an 1800R curvature and makes it easy to see the monitor from multiple places in a room with 178-degree viewing angle. By offering greater viewing angles and premium colour accuracy, the display brings even the smallest details to life. Images have a presence not felt on a traditional 4000R curved screen, making users truly feel like they’re a part of the action. The monitor is also equipped with built-in dual 5W speakers that seamlessly integrate to deliver enriched sound quality, completely transporting users into the concert hall when listening to music or into the thick of battle when playing combat games”, says Samsung

The CF591 has a pair of built in 5 w speaker that can produce decent sound. If you are a gamer, you would prefer to play with a headphone but it’s a nice addition anyway.

There are plenty of ports and the brightness and contrast ratio is on the high side.

The biggest complaint I have about these monitors are their resolution. 1080p resolution is completely fine but expanding the same over 27 or 32-inch screen makes the text and images look grainy. Let’s even not talk about gaming. On a television its fine as it rests about 6 feet away from you but staring at a monitor a foot away this size on 1080p resolution is simply bad. It would have been fine for a 24 inch monitors but this is  a deal breaker for me.