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Samsung to start making foldable phones in Q3 of 2017?

Samsung to start making foldable phones in Q3 of 2017?As a report from ETNews says, Samsung will manufacture a prototype of a foldable smartphone after the first half of this year. Samsung Electronics and Samsung Display could be making a device that looks like this, and they might be finishing its design in near future. The company won’t be the first one that will publish such device after all. They are also committing more resources to their efforts of developing such a prototype.

According to the industry sources, the company should finish the manufacturing of a foldable smartphone in Q3 2017. They are also looking to produce thousands of new foldable handsets by the end of that quarter as well. Following this report, Samsung might also start a mass-production of foldable smartphones before the end of this year, or in the early 2018. Thus, there is time needed for consumers to test such devices and to see if it is worthy to produce them.

As other sources said, the company even showcased such prototype at this year’s MWC in Barcelona, Spain. It was only showed to limited number of partners of Samsung, who helped them of its development. No further details are known thus far. As other rumors say, the first foldable device of Samsung might be extremely luxurious, and to be even more premium than the Galaxy S lineup. The design itself should “crash” all of the foldable smartphone concepts we’ve seen so far.

The company also wanted to produce such devices at the start of this year, but they’ve decided to postpone their ambitions for a bit. All of the updates from Samsung connected to this report should follow up in summer this year.

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