Samsung sets their benefit on dual-camera handsets

Even though the company still doesn’t have dual-camera smartphones, they might be looking to start demanding some. Samsung already has some components business through supplying RAM, memory, cameras, batteries, displays and even more. Meanwhile, Samsung Electro-mechanic does cameras and it is expected to cash in on the growing demand for dual-camera smartphones.

They recently posted an operating loss which was growing in the final quarter of the last year for Samsung. That is because of the sales of the Galaxy Note 7 which was discounted. Many of the users have also lost their faith in the company, so the further financial status of the company may be in question. Many analysts expect that Samsung Electro-mechanics will make a huge turnaround this year. One of the reason is exactly the demand for dual-camera smartphones. The same company is also been supplying dual-camera setups for Chinese companies like Xiaomi and LeEco.

Other companies like Chinese manufacturers Oppo, Huawei and Vivo might be rising new supply deals as well. The analyst Park Kang-ho expects the sales in China this year to increase by 108%.