Samsung released a clamshell feature phone called Master Dual just for South Korea. And we were amused to found out that this is not a smartphone, but just a feature phone.

Samsung also has clamshell phones with Android OS but Master Dual is nothing like that. It is just a stylish phone, just to do basic phone stuffs we used to do back in good old days.

Feature wise the phone with a 3.0″ internal and 2.2″ external display combo, nice design, a 3MP rear and a 1.3MP front snappers, GPS and FM radio. The phone has a safety alert service, which notifies a pre-defined list of contacts with your GPS location after a specified interval of phone inactivity.

Though the phone does not have much to offer, but it costs a lot of money. Samsung released Master Dual in South Korea with a price tag of KWR 300,300 (about €220).