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Samsung Just Killed The 3D Television

PHOTO-Samsung¡¯s-new-SUHD-TVs-at-a-launching-event3D features in a television were strange from the start. 3-dimensional videos looked great on a 70mm screen but were not very enjoyable on a 55-inch screen. Then there was the lack of content. People had to go great length to watch a 3D video on their 3D television. The pair of glasses that you had to wear did not make things any better.

As far as I am concerned, the 3D features in a television were always a gimmick to jack up the prices of newer television that offered no innovative feature over its predecessors. Nobody really used it and the television giants decided its time to kill it off.

Now the latest news to surface online is that Samsung won’t be releasing any high-end 3D television this year, neither will other manufacturers. the only 3D tv’s that you will be able to buy from these manufacturers are the mid-ranged television sets that are rather boring compared to the elder and more expensive siblings.

LG has also reported that it will scale back the production of 3D tv’s and only 20% of their televisions will have 3d capabilities compared to 40% in the fiscal year.

Reportedly Samsung wants to invest all its resources in developing the television sets with cutting edge UHD resolution and HDR capabilities. Samsung also released the quantum dots tech powered televisions that offer never before picture clarity.

But do not think this is the death of 3D technology. it will live in virtual reality world in headsets like the oculus rift as well as the Gear VR.

“Even though we had been supplying 3D glasses until last year, there are no request for new supply this year,” said a representative for a Samsung partner.

“It is seen that Samsung Electronics is not going to apply 3D technology into its new TVs.  “3D TV was a fail due to content, prices and technology. “The fact that people have to wear glasses to watch 3D TVs did not work too well for consumers.””