samsung has finally shown off their galaxy j7

Recently we heard rumors about the new smartphone device from Samsung, the Galaxy J7. The last time we got news about the device, was that it got its own WiFi certification with Android 7.0 Nougat. All that was left for us to see is the design and look itself of the device. Now, thanks to the @OnLeaks, we have a 360-degree video of 3D renderings where Samsung have finally shown off the Galaxy J7.

The design looks pretty comfortable, and not much different from the original Samsung design we are used to see. The display is said to be 5.5-inches with Super AMOLED display, and the resolution itself got bumped to 1080p. Going by this leak, it seems that Samsung has also retained most of the hardware as well. They have also might bumped up some aspects of the device.

On this link, you can watch the video of the Galaxy J7’s 3D rendering. Enjoy.