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Samsung to extend their contract with McAfee

Samsung to extend their contract with McAfeeSamsung announced that they will most possibly extend their contract with McAfee. With this, they plan to put their security on their devices to a wider range. These include the Galaxy S8, S8 Plus, smart TVs and PCs. Alongside with the deal, McAfee LiveSafe app offers a free 60-day trial, which they think that’s enough time for you to decide if you want to buy their security software. For the TVs, the app has a name McAfee Security anti-malware, as for the S8 and S8+, McAfee VirusScan app.

You may say that there is really no need for you to have security software on your device, but in fact, you are deeply wrong here. As the company says, they worry about their own products, and wants you to have full security on them. there are some malware and viruses that can deeply harm your devices.

So, if you have plans to buy your own Galaxy S8, have in mind that you will be having McAfee security software. There are also many other apps to download from the Google Play Store, and many of them offer system security as well.

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