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Samsung Electronics investing $12.5 Billion in chips

Samsung Electronics investing $12.5 Billion in chipsThe Korean Giant company, Samsung Electronics, will be setting an investment worth $12.5 billion in chips this year. Therefore, with this investment, the company becomes the largest investor in the semiconductor industry, by also increasing their investments by 11 percent in comparison to 2016. The company will also reportedly start mass-producing V-NAND flash memory chips in mid-2017. By increasing the volume of resources, they also plan to scale down their investment in DRAM operations.

It’s not really surprising that the company wants to make huge investments in their chipset manufacturing operations. With that they show how serious they are, and how basically a major smartphone best-sellers looks alike. While the congloremate’s mobile unit made more profit recently, the semiconductor division becomes an even more prominent than earlier. This means, that following the failure with the Galaxy Note 7 and losing billions of dollars, the company are making these investments based on what they learned from their huge loss.

Samsung are not the only major company that will make huge investments this year. Both SK Hynix and Intel are also joining the race for the investments. According to the latest predictions, Intel’s investment into its operations this year will be $12 billion, while SK Hynix will commit more than $6 billion for expanding their semiconductor business. All that remains is to see how much will be invested, as these information are still just a rumor, but it’s good to see that the competitiveness remains alive.

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