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Samsung confirms Galaxy Note 8

Samsung confirms Galaxy Note 8Samsung has confirmed that the Galaxy Note 8 is coming and it will also be more safer and better than its predecessors. The release of this device was in question because of the cancellation of the Galaxy Note 7 last year.

Samsung have also gave a detailed report about the investigation of the Galaxy Note 7, and an explanation about what caused the fire damage.

Even after the malfunction of the Note 7, the fanbase of the device is still huge. The fans were ready to risk their lives by risking the device catching fire. This information comes from that not all Note 7 units were returned.

The president of Samsung has also said that more than 10 000 people signed up for future updates from Samsung. Most of them were clear, they wanted a new Note handset. That’s why the company decided to bring Galaxy Note 8 into life.

There are no further informations about the device, what we do know is that the device would be “very innovative”. We hope that this time there won’t be a failure.

SOURCEAndroid Authority
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