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Samsung might announce a new surveillance camera

Samsung might announce a new surveillance cameraThe newest surveillance camera from Samsung might be announced soon, after its price was also leaked online. The cost of the camera should be $200, and it should be used for both outdoors and indoors. The name of the device is also known, wearing the Samsung SmartCam brand. Also, it is similar to any other cameras from the companies Nest and Logitech.

The usage of the camera is simple, it just connects to your local Wi-Fi network so it can allow you to remote access to its video recordings through a companion app. Also, the SmartCam features a clean 1080p video recording, but it might not be that clear after all. The camera is capable of viewing things up to 50 feet away and with a 130-degree field of view. Alongside with the camera, there is also a power adapter which comes alongside with it.

To access the camera, the users will be able to access it through their computer. By accessing the camera, every user can access the footage and personalizing their notifications. There are also many other features that come along. As one of them is the motion detection technology and Wide Dynamic Range, which gives better picture quality.

Currently, there is no mention about the release date of the SmartCam on BestBuy’s website. Though, the status of it is “coming soon” which could mean that the release could be happening in near future.

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