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Galaxy Note 5: Top 10 Features


1) Glass and Metal Design

The new note boasts of a glass and metal design that is similar to galaxy s6 but unlike the previous notes. The premium phone now has a premium design and the cheap plastic has gone for a ride.

2) S-pen

Note 5’s defining feature is the spring mounted s-pen that will be used to take a note, interact with the applications, and sign the document before sending. There is an ability to take quick notes even when the phones display is off. How awesome is that?

3) YouTube Broadcasting.

The note 5 brings with it the ability to broadcast live videos worldwide via YouTube. It will be a boon for reporters and for family members who are far away. Full HD videos can also be broadcasted.

4) Keyboard Cover.

A new keyboard cover has been unveiled for the physical keyboard fans. It is also aimed at business and power users. The detachable keyboard is my favourite feature of the note 5.bye-bye blackberry.

5) Wireless Fast Charging.

Note 5 supports something called as wireless fast charging which is compatible with the existing qi standard chargers and can charge the device wirelessly from empty to full in 120 minutes.

6) Camera

Note’s camera have always been behind the galaxy s’s camera. Not anymore as the note 5 houses a 16 MP Sony made camera that surpasses the s6 camera in quality. It has an f1.9 aperture lens that is ideal for low light photography.

7) Battery Life.

The note 5 houses a smaller battery that the note 4. But the results have been surprising as the note 5 beats the battery life of note 4  thanks to the excellent optimization from google on android and Samsung to its touch wiz.

8) Samsung Pay.

Samsung pay is the cutting edge feature for the note which is set to launch soon. It uses a magnetic strip tech to replicate your card and works with all the existing card swiping machines, making it much simple than apple pay.

9) Slide Sync Support

Media sharing has never been so simple. With The slide sync support, you can transfer files from pc to your phone and vice versa in the simplest manner possible. You also gain the ability to receive phone calls and text messages on your pc. What’s more is that mac computers are also supported.

10) Display

The display on the note 5 has been praised as the best display ever in a smartphone with excellent color reproduction, maximum brightness and wide viewing angles.

What’s your favourite feature in the note 5?

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