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Leaks Proved To Be True, Galaxy S6 Edge Variant Trademarked


Rumours, Rumours, and More Rumours. This sums up the Galaxy S6 from Samsung. No one till the last week knew what Samsung has designed over the past year or so. Everyone just made assumptions about what Samsung is working on.

Many people took these assumptions to a next level and turned them into rumours and leaks. Many different leaks surfaced ranging from assumed bodies for the new smart phones to alleged benchmarks. Then rumours about the hardware specs started coming up telling about processor, display and many other things.


The Galaxy S6 will be launched in the first week of March at MWC. Well, Samsung has now finally got its latest smartphones trademarked. According to the details of these trademark documents, Samsung has applied to trademark two smartphone named as Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.

This makes it quite clear that we will be getting two variants in our hands at MWC. The edge variant will be having dual curved edges unlike the Note edge which had single curved edge. To see the Final Galaxy S6, we will have to wait just for some weeks and then it will surely be in the hands of consumers.