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Galaxy S9’s front camera rumored to feature 3D sensor

Galaxy S9’s front camera rumored to feature 3D sensorEven though the device is still far from release, the leaks are coming each and every day furiously. This time, we have a scenario where the device is rumored to feature a 3D sensor on its front-facing camera. This rumor has been seen in a tweet from ‘Ice Universe’ which has been posted recently. The leak has no further information included, as it should be taken as a consideration only.

The inclusion of the 3D sensor for the Galaxy S9, and its functionality, might be same as the Apple’s iPhone X. The 3D sensor of the iPhone X is used to assist the facial recognition, which also opens another question about the Galaxy S9’s functionalities. We also know that the company will surely not give up on the fingerprint sensor, because they’ve put so much effort on improvising on that technology. If the 3D sensor on the front-facing camera on the Galaxy S9 turns out to be true, it can mean that the company are only looking for a way to improve the security for their customers. Also, they should be able to select different methods for their safety.

The Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus have been rumored for some period now, and they seem to be like four months away from now. The flagship devices have many rumors which suggested the devices specifications, as well as what design they might have. Nothing has been yet confirmed or announced from Samsung officially, as we should only take these rumors with a consideration.

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