Galaxy S8 rumored to appear in Violet color variant

In a previous leak we’ve heard that the prices and colors for both of the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are leaked. The unveil of the device comes close, in exactly 10 days, where it will happen in an event in New York. Until then, every day we hear many leaked images indeed, and this time we see the Galaxy S8 in a Violet color variation.

Nothing new we see from this leak though, as we can see the device on the picture above. Nothing from the specification about it is changed, only the outside look of it. It comes to us in a violet color variation, which looks quite fancy though. As we can see, the device has a black front and a violet back. This is quite different from what we see from Samsung so far, as usually they go for the same color all over the device. This time we have some mash up, and doesn’t look typical for them.

Galaxy S8 rumored to appear in Violet color variant

Also, what we also notice is that there is a little ridge around the camera and the fingerprint sensor at the backside of the device. That ridge is most likely to protect the glass that is all over the camera. Everything else looks just like we’ve seen on previous leaks. We also have a clear look at the new “Infinity Display” and its curved design, which is already trademark for Samsung.

The Violet color variation is definitely something we see for the first time, especially from Samsung. Until now, they’ve released their devices in many color variation, but never in Violet. What is unfortunate though, is that the Violet color variation won’t be available worldwide. For example, the US markets won’t receive this kind of variation. They will probably get a black, white and gold color variation of the device. But, hopefully in future the US markets might grab an unlocked version of the Violet color variation, but we will see, there is a time for that.