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10 Best Galaxy S7 Cases and Covers


The Samsung Galaxy S7 is a sleek and gorgeous built smartphone. Although it isn’t available for sale yet, the Galaxy S7 Cases and Galaxy S7 Covers are already out and are selling like crazy. Why? Samsung has released almost all information there is about its new smartphone, and also alerted cover makers to start making covers for it.

First of all- why do we need a cover?

You’ll be like, “Dude, I’m already spending a ton of money on this awesome piece, and now you even want me to buy a cover?” Well, such is the order of the day.

Now you’ve brought yourself this great piece, and let’s say supposedly it falls down. What’s next? Probably hysteria and frustration, both at a premium. And before you forget, covers are a cool way to accentuate your accentuated smartphone. So, basically, covers are an obligation.

So, having decided to buy the S7, and wondering which Galaxy S7 Case to buy? Which Galaxy S7 cover looks the best? Which is more durable?

Well, you have come to the right place! We’re here to make this task easier for you.

Below are listed 10 handpicked Galaxy S7 Cases and Covers so that your S7’s fragile glass and metal body won’t be fragile anymore. Let’s check them out then.

Best Galaxy S7 Cases and Covers

Spigen Resilient Rugged Armor Case

Spigen Resilient Rugged Armor Case- The Spigen Resilient Rugged Armor case for Galaxy S7 features sleek looks and carbon fiber textures, giving it a craggy look and feel.

The case is made from flexible TPU and has spider-web pattern protection inside. The case also has tactile buttons, so it’s easier to press them. It has already arrived on stock from February 25; so if your thing is hardcore protection, do get this.

Buy Now: Spigen Resilient Rugged Armor Case for Galaxy S7

Incipio Design Series

This new case from Incipio is exciting, merging translucent backs with different coloured metallic accents and outlines.

It is a shock absorbent case to prevent drop damage and the coating is scratch-resistant. If you want to turn heads, (if they aren’t turned already!) check these S7 cases out.

Buy Now: Incipio Design Series

Ringke Fusion Crystal Case

A glossy and slim case, the TPU bumper has dust caps for all the ports and uses Active Touch technology easy access to all the buttons.

Deliveries will start from 29 March, so you’ve got to wait for this good stuff.

Buy Now: Ringke Fusion Crystal Case

OBLIQ Premium Naked Shield Case

The Obliq Premium Naked Shied series case for the Galaxy S7 uses crystalized shock-absorbing PC cover with a TPU bumper.

It affords plenty protection for your S7 from drops and scratches. This being a naked case, the colour and design of the phone will be completely visible. What’s more? A Magnetic Kickstand for Landscape view as well.

Buy Now: OBLIQ Premium Naked Shield Case

Verus Damda Clip Case

This case is more than a case- you can store money too! The bumper provides dual layers of protection.

The insides are covered with a soft rubbery cushion that protects the phone from drops. Here too, a customary lip will protect the screen from touching the ground.

Deliveries from March 20 2016.

Buy Now: Verus Damda Clip Case for Galaxy S7

Verus Triple Mixx Case

Cases are made to provide protection, and that’s what this primarily does. It includes raised lip to protect the display and TPU bumper to safeguard the edges.

A hard clear back with a unique pattern protects the phone from drops and scratches. March 20’s the D-day for this one.

Buy Now: Verus Triple Mixx Case for Galaxy S7

Spigen Slim Armor Kickstand

Spigen is one of the most popular case manufacturers out there. This is a dual layered case with a TPU inside shell, hard polycarbonate finish on the outside, and a kickstand for added function.

It fully protects your new phone, and lets you watch movies too. Being neither too thick nor thin, the price is also okay for what it offers.

Buy Now: Spigen Slim Armor Kickstand for Galaxy S7

Ballistic Mirage Galaxy S7 Case

These sleek cases feature eye-catching laser imprinted metal designs.

They also provide full six-sided protection from drops with heavily reinforced corners and raised lips that keep your S7 from coming into contact with the ground.
Buy Now: Ballistic Mirage Galaxy S7 Case

Tauri Galaxy S7 Edge Wallet Case & Kickstand

Tauri makes some good cheap TPU cases, but they also offer an awesome synthetic leather flip wallet case for the Galaxy S7 Edge.

It comes in Black, Pink and a few other colors, folding out to offer users three cards (ID slot with clear-view) and cash, and snaps shut so they don’t fall out or get lost.

Buy Now: Tauri Galaxy S7 Edge Wallet Case & Kickstand

Galaxy S7 Edge Battery Case with Wireless Charging

After providing a huge 3,600 mAh battery that recharges super-fast, Samsung does what iPhones can’t. The Galaxy S7 Edge Wireless Charging Battery Case adds an extra 3,400 mAh of battery, giving users 7,000 mAh which is- putting it bluntly; crazy.

The Galaxy S7 could last 4-5 days with this case. What’s more, Samsung’s battery case has built-in wireless charging just like the phone does. Drop it on a wireless charger and forget about cables.

Buy Now: Galaxy S7 Edge Battery Case (Wireless Charging)

These 10 handpicked options must be more than enough to get your juices flowing. Great mobiles need greater covers, so do choose a cover that suits you and your style.

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