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Galaxy S7 Camera Specs and Sample Photos

Galaxy S7 Camera Spec
Now that Galaxy S7 is official, let’s check one of the best improvements of the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, the phone camera.

In the age of smartphones, the camera is the most important selling point of any phone. Samsung knows the importance of good camera image quality.

To provide best photo quality from a smartphone camera, Samsung improved a lot in the Galaxy S7 camera. Along with improving the camera, Samsung also added a lot of new features.

Let’s check the Galaxy S7 camera specification and its real life performance. We also have some initial sample photos to share with you.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Camera Specification

This year Samsung did not increase the mega pixel count of the Galaxy S7 camera sensor, but instead the Galaxy S7 camera has less mega pixel than Galaxy S6. While Galaxy S6 has a 16 MP camera, the Galaxy S7 has just 12 MP. That is 25 % less mega pixel.

Samsung increased the size of the pixels (1.4μm pixel) and used a f/1.7 lens. Combined these together the phone camera has 95% better performance in low-light condition.

Also, Samsung Galaxy S7 now focuses faster than any other phone. Samsung uses a new technology called Dual Pixel for faster auto-focusing, something that is a first on a phone and comes from the dedicated camera world, and you have a truly compelling package.

Along with these, Samsung now uses Motion photo feature, so that you can capture the perfect moments. Using this feature you can take photo the three seconds before the shutter is pressed. And keep the photo you like.

Galaxy S7 Camera Sample Photos

Here are the official sample photos from Samsung. As these photos are official one not from real life use, we cannot make any conclusion out of these.

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