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Top 10 Essential Apps for Galaxy Note 4

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Apps
Thinking to install some new apps on your new Galaxy Note 4? Before you install anything else try these 10 must have apps for your Galaxy Note 4.

Each of these apps helps you to use your Galaxy Note 4 more efficiently. Let’s check out the list of the best apps you can download on Galaxy Note 4.

#1 Spen Toolbox

Spen toolbox provides you extra control to use your Spen. You can override various default options related to Spen usage.

Download Spen Toolbox

#2 My Script Stylus

This is a nifty little application, which let you write using your stylus instead of typing. This allows real time conversion of handwritten text into digital format.

Download My Script Stylus

#3 SD Maid

SD maid cleans up the unnecessary files on your device. This makes your phone to run faster and smoother.

Download SD Maid

#4 Pixel Battery Saver

Though Galaxy Note 4 resolution a great battery life, the phone has a very high resolution screen. If you want to increase your Galaxy Note 4 battery life even more this application will help you.

Download Pixel Battery Saver

#5 Photoshop Touch

Photoshop Touch is a great photo editing application which will definitely enhance your photo editing techniques. This is a must have app for your Galaxy Note 4.

Download Photoshop Touch

#6 Spen Voice

Ever wondered to take voice note during lecture. You can use SPen Voice, which helps you take notes on your galaxy Note 4 and record audio at the same time.

Download Spen Voice

#7 LastPass

This award winning password management application is handy, particularly for Galaxy Note 4 users as it supports fingerprint scanner.

Download LastPass

#8 PushBullet

PushBullet is a great way to connect your Galaxy Note 4 with your computer. You can get all notifications on your computer. Apart from notification, you can do various tasks from PC, such as replying to SMS.

Download PushBullet

#9 Papyrus

Papyrus is a great note taking application and designed specially for hand-writtten notes. You can do various editing as well as export your notes in PDF format.

Download Papyrus

#10 Infinite Walls

If you are looking for great wallpapers which supports Galaxy Note 4 2K display, then Infinite Walls is just for you. All the wallpaers on this apps are quite fresh and different.

Download Infinite Walls

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