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Galaxy Note 5 4K Video

Remove 5 Minute 4K Recording Limit on Galaxy Note 5

How to remove the 5-minute 4K video recording limitations on Galaxy Note 5? Solve the problem using these easy to follow steps. Samsung Galaxy Note...
Best microSD Cards for Galaxy Note 7

7 Best MicroSD Cards for Galaxy Note 7

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be available for sale from August 19, 2016. One of the best phones to have been released this...

How to Browse Faster on Samsung Z1 with Just One Small Tweak

Are you using Samsung Z1 on mobile network? Is your phone is quite slow on loading web pages? If you are having problems to...
Galaxy S5 Battery Life

Galaxy S5 Battery Life Tips and Tricks

Samsung Galaxy S5 is one of the best smartphone right now at the market. Although Samsung is going to release the next flagship, Galaxy...

Make Galaxy Note 4 Faster with Just One Small Tweak

Galaxy Note 4 lags sometime when you press the home button and it take a fraction of a second to one second to show...

How to Unlock Galaxy S7 for Free

Galaxy S7 SIM unlock procedure is pretty easy, and takes a short time of period. Once your device is unlocked, your device can be...
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Apps

Top 10 Essential Apps for Galaxy Note 4

Thinking to install some new apps on your new Galaxy Note 4? Before you install anything else try these 10 must have apps for...
take selfie

Tap to take selfie – Galaxy S7/S7 Edge

On the older 6.0 Android build, Samsung devices would allow the user to take selfie simply by tapping anywhere on the screen. The old...

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