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Galaxy S7 Fingerprint Unlock Not Working Fix

If you ever find yourself mashing your finger on the fingerprint sensor, only to not unlock, then there are a few things that will...
Galaxy S7 Reset

How to factory reset Galaxy S7

Sometimes when we have issues with our device, we are forced to make a Factory Reset on it. The Factory Reset is a process...

Galaxy S7 Not Charging – How to Fix It?

In this article, we are going to show you how you can fix your Galaxy S7 if it is not charging. It’s been more than...
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Apps

Top 10 Essential Apps for Galaxy Note 4

Thinking to install some new apps on your new Galaxy Note 4? Before you install anything else try these 10 must have apps for...
Galaxy Note 4 Battery Life

How to Maximize Galaxy Note 4 Battery Life

The issue regarding Samsung Galaxy Note 4”s battery life has been raised several times with the users who complain that the device can’t keep...

Galaxy S7 Gets Hot – How to Solve the Problem

If you own a Samsung Galaxy S7 device, and you experience an issue with the overheating, then we have some solutions for you that...

Galaxy S7 Battery Overheating – How to Fix it

We already know that the Galaxy S7 is truly an amazing smartphone made by Samsung. Until now, it showed up as a great device...
Galaxy Note 4 Factory Reset

Galaxy Note 4: How to Factory Reset / Hard Reset

If you are going to sell your Galaxy Note 4 or just want to send the phone for repair to the customer service, it...

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