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Blackberry Mimics the S6’s Edges


bqawAAeStruggling smartphone maker, blackberry, who is famous for making phones that offer productivity and security like no other is releasing an android powered smartphone called as blackberry priv. weird name for an equally weird phone. Priv stands for privacy and privilege. Samsung is reportedly providing the AMOLED display for the phone.

Blackberry priv’s screen measures at 5.4 inches and is a quad HD display with edges to the side similar to the galaxy s6 edge’s curves. The most interesting part of the phone is its keyboard. Not the onscreen keyboard but blackberry has fitted the phone with a physical keyboard that reveals itself when you slide the screen upwards. There is a professional grade camera in the back.

Blackberry has always released phones with its own software as it doesn’t trust the apps or software from other developers such as google. That is the precise reason why Sony’s executive members have used the blackberry phone when their networks were hacked to stay immune from the hackers. Such is the level of security that blackberry provides. But poor sales and declining fortunes have forces the Canadian company to think differently and it is ready to launch the priv smartphone. The cost of this devices is at a staggering $700. That’s a high end price for an android phone.

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Android is a mobile operating system that has poor security track record and is a favourite among hackers and snooping agents. But blackberry touts priv as the most secure phone that it has ever made. Its DTEK app offers unprecedented security and blackberry is also replacing some services such as google location with its own custom service for added security. along with that, it also has a host of its goodies such as the blackberry messenger, productive hub and best in class software keyboard.
john chen, blackberry CEO has also stated that the priv is the last ditch effort from their company to stay afloat in the smartphone business and will exit the industry if the phone fails to make an impact on the sales and profits.
would you buy such an expensive phone with high end security features?