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All You Need to Know About Apple iPhone 6S Camera

iPhone 6S Camera

As we all know that Apple will be launching its iPhone 6s and 6s Plus next month rumors have started to erupt. Now according to one rumor the next generation iPhones are said to have a 12MP rear facing camera.

Now a recent report has confirmed this rumor and the report also states that the new camera is more than just a megapixel upgrade.

The report has claimed that Apple will be using a bigger sensor compared to the previous generation. This basically means that in terms of photos the new iPhones should be able to take brighter photos due to its larger sensor than can take in more light.

Apart from this Apple will also be using a five element lens for the new iPhone. The new report also claims that Apple has ordered a six element lens also but it will most probably be used for future devices such as the iPhone 7 which will be released in 2016.

Well currently there are several Android OEMs who are using a six element lens setup. This includes the OnePlus 2 and it is also said that the Samsung Galaxy S5 also used the six element lens.