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Galaxy S7 Black Screen Issue Fix

Galaxy S7 Black Screen Issue Fix

Recently there are reports of Galaxy S7 black screen issue. The device its self is working but the display is not. All buttons light up when pressed as they should and you...

Sprint Samsung Phones Get Stagefright Vulnerability Fix

Stagefright is a recently discovered Android vulnerability which has got carriers and manufacturers rushing to push fixes for their Android devices. The vulnerability basically allows hackers to remotely gain access to a...

Fix for RAM Management Issue on Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

As we all know, the TouchWiz User Interface in the Samsung’s smartphones is quite erroneous. This is due to the fact that Samsung has been installing a lot of bloatware in the...

Samsung Launches App to Fix Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge Quick Settings Toggle Issue

Recently, we had reported that a few quick setting toggles in the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge have gone missing. These toggles included data hotspot, mobile data, and private hotspot. Most of...

Samsung Announces Fix For Galaxy Keyboard Security Issue

Lately, we reported that the pre-installed SwiftKey predictive keyboard on over 600 million Samsung devices provided by Sprint and Verizon, have a serious security issue. The SwiftKey keyboard downloads language data packs...


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