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Samsung’s Galaxy S8 will remind you to clean the camera lens

The Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus were officially announced yesterday and unveiled at a special event in New York City. For that event, Samsung surely took a lot of care at their...

Samsung will make their own fingerprint scanners

Samsung already shipped supplies of components to manufacturers, such as RAM and flash modules, processors, displays and what not. But, for the fingerprint scanners they are relying heavily on an US based...

The Galaxy S8 will feature a fingerprint sensor behind the display?

Samsung has yet to give details about its upcoming flagship smartphone, but rumors and speculations already started to give us ideas of what we can expect on the phone. Based on the latest...

Samsung Galaxy A8 to Have a Fingerprint Sensor

Earlier this year we had learnt that Samsung had wanted its metallic Galaxy A lineup expanded by adding ore devices to it. So here is Samsung with the Galaxy A8. Well the...


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