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Samsung Galaxy’s S8 fingerprint scanner on the back?

There have been rumors all the time about either the release of the Galaxy S8, or its specifications. For now, all that we know for sure is that S8 will be the...

Galaxy S7 Fingerprint Unlock Not Working Fix

If you ever find yourself mashing your finger on the fingerprint sensor, only to not unlock, then there are a few things that will fix that. The very basic thing that you can...

Galaxy A8 Photos Confirm Bezel-Less Thin Display with Fingerprint Scanner

Samsung has now come up with a new smartphone and had developed it some months ago. The Galaxy Alpha which Samsung’s had decided to do away with in order to focus its...

How to Setup Galaxy S6 Fingerprint Scanner

Galaxy S6 Fingerprint Tricks The Galaxy S6 was equipped with various exceptional features, due to which, it stands out among all the other phones. This year, Samsung completely redesigned their flagship, and finally...


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