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Samsung filed an application for Bixby’s logo

Samsung’s rival for Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant, named Bixby is getting closer and closer to completion. Everyone is hoping that it will bring some new tech and offer much more than...

Samsung’s Bixby assistant to be based on S Voice

The upcoming AI-powered Samsung assistant named Bixby, was previously rumored to be built by Viv Labs. Viv Labs are well known AI specialists that Samsung acquired last year. This year it is...

S8’s Bixby will have support for 7-8 languages

We already know that Bixby will be coming up for the Galaxy S8. We also recently know that Bixby is going to be much more capable than its rivals. It’s going to...

Samsung confirmed Bixby and Samsung Pay Mini

Recently, people started noticing some changes on Samsung’s website, and the most noticed thing is the standalone online payment platform. There is no doubt that this is Samsung Pay Mini. Besides that,...


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