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Meet Bixby, Samsung Galaxy S8’s new assistant

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 is well known to feature the newest AI called Bixby. It is a competition to the well-known Siri, Google and Alexa. Bixby’s difference from them though, is that it...

Samsung officially confirm Bixby voice assistant

Up in two weeks from now, Samsung will unveil their new upcoming devices. Also, they are said to feature the upcoming voice assistant, Bixby. Today, on the official website of Samsung, they...

S8’s Bixby will have support for 7-8 languages

We already know that Bixby will be coming up for the Galaxy S8. We also recently know that Bixby is going to be much more capable than its rivals. It’s going to...

Galaxy S8 will come with AI assistant

Apparently, Samsung will include a digital assistant in the next year flagship, the Galaxy S8. To some levels this was not a surprise since Samsung acquired the developers from Siri, Viv Labs. For...


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