Blue colored Galaxy S8 leaked againWe’ve already heard the possible color variations that will be available for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8. As a reminder, the possible color variations for the Galaxy S8 will be Orchid Grey, Black Sky, Arctic Silver, Gold, Violet and Blue. Today, we will be talking about the Blue colored variation which has been leaked again.

Both of the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus were leaked online with the same Blue Color variation. Alongside the variation, there is a wallpaper that fits with the color. On the image below you can see what we’re actually talking about. Also, the source suggest that the company has plans to launch a “Violet Blue” variation.

Blue colored Galaxy S8 leaked again

Having black frames on the same edges of the device, might prove to be really smart move. With that, all of the sensors of the device can be smartly hidden with the black colored edges. Also, with this leak the Blue Color variation for the devices is confirmed, but still we have to wait to see them released.

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